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Maintaining Hand Hygiene

We understand the need to mitigate the transmission of harmful germs and bacteria, especially in areas where using our hands is very common. Creating a regimen where every staff member and visitor in your facility participates is important to help curb the spread of germs and bacteria.

How we can Help

Soapopular® makes this possible with a highly effective and hypoallergenic Alcohol Free Foam hand sanitizer. Enabling a wider audience of people, including children, and those with sensitive skin to continue upkeeping and maintaining their hand hygiene routines comfortably.

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Product Code: 68110

Soapopular® Alcohol Free Spray Hand Sanitizer

10mL (0.34oz) Portable Spray

Product Code: 68001

Soapopular® Alcohol Free Spray Hand Sanitizer

30mL (1.0 oz) Portable Spray

Product Code: 68012

Soapopular® Alcohol Free Foam Hand Sanitizer

100mL (3.4oz) Foam Bottle

Product Code: 68180

Soapopular® Alcohol Free Foam Hand Sanitizer

180mL (6.0oz) Foam Bottle

Product Code: 68013

Soapopular® Alcohol Free Foam Hand Sanitizer

250mL (8.45oz) Foam Bottle

Product Code: 68014

Soapopular® Alcohol Free Foam Hand Sanitizer

550mL (18.5 oz) Foam Bottle

Product Code: 68000

Soapopular® Alcohol Free Foam Hand Sanitizer

1000mL (33.8 oz) Cartridge Refill

Product Code: 68019

Soapopular® Alcohol Free Foam Hand Sanitizer

4000mL (1.0gal) Bulk-Fill Refill

Why Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizers?

The Power of Choice

In your search for hand hygiene solutions, opting for our Alcohol Free products highlights your dedication to providing effective protection for both staff and visitors. Additionally, it promotes inclusivity by enabling those with sensitive skin or religious exemptions to equally engage in hand hygiene practices.

Hypoallergenic Formula

Expanding further, our Alcohol Free, Fragrance Free, and Dye Free Hand Sanitizer helps in reducing skin dryness, irritation, and discomfort amongst frequent users. These positive impressions from staff and visitors can enable your facilities to easily adopt better hand hygiene practices and routines.

Persistent Protection

The inherent advantage of using Alcohol Free hand sanitizers lies in its Persistent Protection. Unlike Alcohol-based products, our Alcohol Free sanitizers do not evaporate after being applied to the skin, effectively continuing to protect your hands from harmful germs and bacteria for a prolonged period of time. 

Advantages of Foam

Every application of our foam-based products use less formula yet covers a large surface area, effectively providing 2.5x more applications by comparison to other alternatives. With no sticky residue from gel and no messy runoff from liquid, foam-based products hold superiority in both efficiency and comfortability.