Soapopular® Alcohol Free Foam Hand Sanitizer Covered Manual Dispenser - 1000mL

Cartridge Refill Manual Dispenser

Product Code:  68111


Soapopular® Alcohol Free Foam Covered Manual Dispenser is designed to increase access to hand sanitizer in high-traffic areas across your facilities. Consistent and reliable, the push-style dispenser aims to reduce the spread of harmful germs and bacteria. The protective cover can be opened using a key-lock mechanism to restrict access to employed personnel only, and reduces pilferage/damage to the inner dispenser product.

Utilizing the dispensers Click-and-Go system using our Cartridge Refills has never been easier to refill and maintain a dispenser. Tired of accidental spills/drips? Another problem maintenance personnel can cross off their list thanks to Clean-tip Technology®: an enhanced feature in the Foam Tip of our Cartridge Refills that pull residual formula back into the tip after use to eliminate spills/drips.

This Manual dispenser is used together with Soapopular® Foam Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Cartridge Refill 1000mL (Product Code: 68000) as a click-and-go easy refilling solution. The Cartridge Refill features Clean-tip Technology that eliminates accidental leaks and drips.

Technical Details

Health Canada DIN:


Pieces per Pack:

Cases per Pallet:



Dispensed Formula:




1 / 6


11.97 x 4.92 x 4.33

1.00 lbs


Screw or Adhesive Tape


  • 3,000 Applications
  • Foam Dispenser
  • Clean tip Technology®
  • ADA Compliant
  • Easy Installation
  • Click-and-Go Refill
  • Key-Lock Secure
  • ISO Certified

Applications: 3,000

Dispensed Formula: FOAM

Product Code: 68111

Size: 1000mL / 33.80 0.z

Colour: White

Activation: Manual Pump

Features: Clean-tip Technology | ADA Compliant | Key-Lock Secure | Click-and-go Refill

Shipping Data

Weight: 1.5 lbs.

Units per Case: 1 / 6

Cases per Pallet: 648

Pallet Rows: 54

Box Dimensions: 12.25in x 5.50in x 5.25in


Apply pressure to the pump for a controlled amount of rich foam. Thoroughly rub hands together until dry. No water or rinsing required. Swap out empty cartridge with new one to refill the dispenser. Position new cartridge and apply pressure until the cartridge clicks into place with the dispenser.

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