Soapopular® Antibacterial Foam No-Cover Manual Dispenser

1000mL Cartridge Capacity

Health Canada DIN
Active Ingredient
Benzalkonium Chloride (0.15%)
Clear / Colourless
Odour / Scent
Lightly Scented
1000mL / 33.8 fl oz

Features and Benefits

1000mL Capacity
Wall Mount
Easy Installation
Versatile Utility
Clean-Tip Technology
Enriched Foam
Click-and-Go Refill
3,000 Applications

Soapopular® Antibacterial Foam Hand Soap

Protection With Every Wash

Soapopular® Antibacterial Foam Hand Soap disinfects the skin as you wash, targeting germs and bacteria for a thorough hand cleanse. Triclosan Free and Paraben Free, our hand soap utilizes high-quality ingredients to deliver exceptional performance.
Protection With Every Wash

Product Overview and Description

Soapopular® Antibacterial Foam No-Cover Manual Dispenser offers consistent, reliable, and improved access to our Antibacterial Foam Hand Soap. The dispenser is made of durable ISO Standard materials to handle the rigors of high-traffic, frequent use areas that better services the needs of staff, clients, students, and guests.

Furthermore, this dispenser takes advantage of Soapopular® Cartridge Refill System for an easy Click-and-Go Refilling System where personnel can seamlessly swap empty cartridges with newly filled ones quickly and efficiently. Our Cartridge Refill also provides Clean-Tip Technology to eliminate wasteful drips and leaks after each appllication to reduce hazards associated with slippery floors.

  • Soapopular® Antibacterial Foam Hand Soap stands as the optimal choice for diverse industries requiring a reliable and effective disinfecting hand soap. Our product is tailored to meet the stringent hygiene demands of healthcare, offices, dental facilties, continuing care, schools, food establishments, hospitality, and more.
  • With 3,000 refills, our No-Cover Dispenser continues to work hard by servicing more patrons, effectively lengthening the time in-between refills and reducing maintenance trips.
  • Soapopular® No-Cover Manual Dispenser applies a controlled amount of Antibacterial Foam Hand Soap with the push of a pump.
  • The Click-and-Go Refill System makes maintenance on our No-Cover Dispensers quick and simple by making the process of removing empty cartridges and placing newly filled cartridges a hassle-free process.
  • Clean-Tip Technology comes standard in all Soapopular® Cartridges used to refill the No-Cover Dispenser. The foam-tip of the cartridge pulls residual foam back into the pump to eliminate wasteful leaks and drips.
  • This Dispenser uses Soapopular® Antibacterial Foam Hand Soap Cartridge Refills (Product Code: 10000) to swap out empty cartridges with newly filled ones. (Sold Separately).

Incorporating hand hygiene practices are paramount in curbing the transmission of harmful germs and bacteria on the skin. The cornerstone of an effective routine lies in the use of quality hand soaps, serving as a powerful agent in breaking down oils and dirt from the skins surface to target hidden contaminents underneath. Hand soaps also contribute as a visual aid for individuals during the handwashing process, reducing the chances of missing hard-to-reach areas of the hands.

Soapopular® Dispensers add another layer of accessibility and coverage to your arsenal against germs and bacteria, especially in High-Traffic area’s such as washrooms, cafeterias. kitchens, hand washing areas, etc. Thanks to our wallmounting dispensers, you can increase access to our Antibacterial Foam Hand Soap where you need it.

Product Code:
Health Canada DIN:
Active Ingredient:
Benzalkonium Chloride (0.15)
1000mL / 33.8 fl oz
Clear / Colourless:
Odour / Scent:
Lightly Scented
Units per Case:
1 / 6
Unit Weight:
0.70 lbs
Unit Dimensions:
4.61 x 3.82 x 10.23 inch
Unit Case Dimensions:
5.00 x 4.50 x 12.00 inch
Case Weight:
4.60 lbs
Case Dimensions:
11.50 x 11.50 x 6.00inch
Cases per Pallet:
Pallet Rows:

Recommended Use

Once empty, Soapopular® Cartridges can be easily replaced using our Click-and-Go Refill System. Simply pull the empty cartridge out of the dispenser by pulling up and towards you, then, by reversing the motion, place a filled cartridge into the dispenser by pushing down and away from you until the cartridge clicks into place.

Clean-Tip Technology in Action

A Foam pump with exceptional results and reliability, the Clean-tip Technology eliminates spills, drips, and leaks entirely by pulling residual formula back into the pump after every application.

The pump delivers a controlled amount of formula with a precise air to foam ratio for consistent rich Foam application every time.

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