Trusted and Certified Disinfectant Solutions

Soapopular Hand Sanitizers and Hand Soaps are CFIA, HACCP, and Kosher certified, protecting your staff and consumers from food and germ causing illnesses while ensuring your company complies with government regulations.

Food Processing

Food Services

Working in close proximity to food products involves the highest standards of hand hygiene and cleanliness to battle against harmful germs and bacteria. 

Our high efficacy formula abides by strict guidelines and regulations to ensure your company is relieved of hygiene compliance setbacks due to the use of uncertified or inferior hygiene solution products. 

Our cost effective system utilizes foaming technology that allows 2.5x more uses over other gel and liquid disinfectants minimizing resource spending over time and maintanence costs.

Promote company sustainability and satisfaction from staff by using products that are harsh on germs and bacteria yet gentle on the skin, even after multiple uses. Our hand soap is Triclosan, Sulfate, Paraben, and Dye free to protect the skin from dryness and carcinogens.

Protect staff and your brand image by using our certified and trusted hand sanitizers and hand soaps as a part of your daily hand hygiene solutions.

Soapopular hand sanitizers and hand soaps encapsulate a wide variety of businesses requiring strict hand hygiene solutions for both staff and patrons.

Impressions occur the moment patrons interact with your business, whether it be a grocery store or restaurant. By providing loyal consumers with hygiene products that not only protect their skin from harmful germs and bacteria, but also leave their skin feeling soft and smooth without dryness and irritation will make the experience more memorable and rewarding.

We provide hygiene solutions that are hypoallergenic and use foaming technology that leaves no sticky residue behind to promote safe and effective hygiene solutions for all users.

Choosing the wrong hygiene products can greatly effect how patrons view your brand and company as a whole.  We understand the importance of skin protection for everyday application, using the right ingredients and formula to reflect protection and care in how our products are used.