Providing Safe Environments for the Future

Protecting students during their years of study starts with a trusted, reliable, and safe hand hygiene solution that kills harmful germs and bacteria while being mild and gentle on the skin.

Safe for Staff and Students

Hygiene Solutions

Soapopular was started based on providing hygiene solutions with skin care in mind. Without sacrificing disinfectant efficacy, we have formulated hand sanitizers and hand soaps that kill harmful germs and bacteria while leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Our sanitizers and hand soaps are formulated with emollients that makes the skin softer and smoother after use. This also includes the prevention of skin irrition caused by the drying of the skin.

We offer alcohol-free hand sanitizer and alcohol-free hand soaps that are hypoallergenic, allowing a wide spectrum of students to use our products without irritation over multiple uses.

Providing an effective hygiene solution that is safe for students to use, allows them to focus on what is important without the distractions of inferior hygiene products.

We make hygiene solutions simple with products that are easy to install and maintain in your facilities. When deciding on products that fit your budget, look no further than our foaming hand soaps, sanitizers, and dispensers.

Soapopular provides high quality and efficacy disinfectant products in a rich lathering foam that offers 2.5x more uses over gel and liquid disinfectants. When combined with our cost effective 4L refill jugs and high capacity dispensers, our hygiene solutions provide a longer-lasting service in an environment with heavy traffic.

Use a product that shows staff and students sustainability and care towards a healthier and cleaner environment, safe for learning and growing together.