Soapopular PLUS® 70% Alcohol Foam Hand Sanitizer - 1000mL

Cartridge Refill: Soapopular PLUS® Dispensers

Health Canada NPN
Active Ingredient
70% Ethyl Alcohol
Clear / Colourless
Odour / Scent
Fragrance Free
1000mL / 33.8 fl oz

Features and Benefits

70% Ethyl Alcohol
USP Grade
NPN Registered
Click-&-Go Refill
Enriched Foam
Fragrance Free
Clean-Tip Technology
3,000 Applications

Soapopular PLUS® 70% Alcohol Foam Hand Sanitizer

Professional, Reliable, Hand Sanitizer

Soapopular PLUS® 70% Alcohol Foam Hand Sanitizer delivers reliable and effective hand sanitizing where needed. Still adhering to our core values, our foaming formula contains high-quality emollients to help reduce skin dryness, discomfort, and irritation. 
Professional, Reliable, Hand Sanitizer

Product Overview and Description

Soapopular PLUS® 70% Alcohol Foam Hand Sanitizer provides reliable and effective disinfecting of the skin by killing harmful germs and bacteria. Utilizing hydrating emollients commonly used in reputable cosmetic industries, our USP Grade formula reduces the discomfort of skin dryness and irritation, even after multiple uses.

Our Soapopular PLUS® 70% Alcohol Foam Hand Sanitizer Cartridge Refill product is designed for quick and seamless replacement of empty Cartridges in specific Soapopular PLUS® Dispensers. Boasting Clean-Tip Technology, our Refill Cartridges efficiantly pull residual foam back into the pump tip, preventing wasteful leaks and drips. 

  • Designed for broad application across multiple industries and sectors who demand a high-efficacy hand sanitizing solution. Our products excel in a range of professional settings including schools, healthcare, dental, offices, warehouses, food facilities, hospitality, and more. 
  • Our USP Grade formula abides stringent regulatory standards to deliver exceptional quality and performance across multiple industries that expect professional hand sanitizing products. 
  • Effective and Efficient application is vital with Soapopular PLUS® products. Our Foaming formulation allows extensive skin coverage while using minimal pumps. This ensures a complete and thorough hand sanitization process with no areas missed.
  • Quick, efficient, and simple, our Soapopular PLUS® Cartridge Refills seamlessly replace empty cartridges in specific Soapopular PLUS® Dispensers using a click-and-go refilling system.
  • Each of our Cartridge Refills are made with Clean-Tip Technology to prevent wasteful leaks and drips by pulling residual foam back into the pump after each activation.
  • Fragrance Free and Dye Free, our 70% Alcohol formula reduces the risk of skin irritation and discomfort for those with senstitive skin.

Hand Hygiene is recognized as the foremost method of preventing the spread of harmful germs and bacteria. Incorporating Soapopular PLUS® 70% Alcohol Foam Hand Sanitizer into your workplace/facility regimen is a vital and strategic step in reducing the transmission of germs and bacteria, effectively minimizing the impacts of absenteeism caused by common illnesses.

By choosing Soapopular PLUS® products as an integral component for Hand Hygiene within professional/service environments, you understand the necessity and importance of having a product that is not only trusted and certified, but is of high-quality to deliver consistent performance together with ingredients to help reduce skin irritation and discomfort.

Product Code:
Health Canada NPN:
Active Ingredient:
70% Ethyl Alcohol
1000mL / 33.8 fl oz
Clear / Colourless:
Odour / Scent:
Fragrance Free
Units per Case:
Unit Weight:
2.40 lbs
Unit Dimensions:
3.30 x 3.30 x 9.50 inch
Case Weight:
15.00 lbs
Case Dimensions:
11.50 x 8.50 x 10.00inch
Cases per Pallet:
Pallet Rows:

Recommended Use

First, apply a small amount of foaming hand sanitizer into the palm of your hand. Rub you hands together and ensure a thorough coverage of all surfaces. Pay close attention to germ-prone areas such as inbetween fingers and under nails. Continue to rub until hands are dry.

Clean-Tip Technology in Action

A Foam pump with exceptional results and reliability, the Clean-tip Technology eliminates spills, drips, and leaks entirely by pulling residual formula back into the pump after every application.

The pump delivers a controlled amount of formula with a precise air to foam ratio for consistent rich Foam application every time.

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