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Providing reliable products that are harsh on germs yet gentle on the skin to protect you from bacteria, germs, skin irritation, and skin discomfort even after multiple uses.

Hand Hygiene

Skin Protection

Hand Hygiene has become a necessity across multiple industries and choosing the right products can be daunting with many factors to consider and research.

Soapopular makes it simple with our certified products that are already authorized by Health Canada and used across multiple industries with heavy regulations and compliance measures.

Our products always improve and ensure efficacy for every day application.

At Soapopular, we look further beyond the standard protection from germs and bacteria and focus more on the health and wellbeing of your skin when using sanitizers and soaps.

Our formula is mild on the skin making it feel soft and smooth even after multiple uses without sacrificing efficacy thanks to foaming and emollients. 

Soapopular hand soaps are formulated without Triclosan, Paraben, Alcohol, and Dye to protect your skin from harmful germs, bacteria, and carcinogens.