Hygiene Solutions where it Matters Most

It is important for health care centers to meet and constantly improve hand hygiene with products that are reliable, trusted, and proven to provide high efficacy protection against harmful germs and bacteria. 

Patients and Staff

More than Hand Hygiene

Soapopular hand sanitizers and hand soaps offer a wide range of application use within health care facilities. From patient rooms and lavatories to nursing stations and food service areas, our products abide by compliance regulations that is proven and certified for use across multiple industries.

When hand hygiene occurs multiple times daily to prevent the spreading of harmful germs, having a product that is non-irritating and non-drying makes a difference for both staff and patients. 

By using foaming technology with emollients, our foaming products leave the skin feeling soft and smooth even after multiple uses. Show staff and patients how important hygiene is by using Soapopular products  that reflect reliability and hygiene care.

Our products are tested, certified, and proven to protect the hands from harmful germs and bacteria in multiple industries. What sets us apart from other hygiene brands is our focus on cost efficient products that provide longevity and ease of use.

With foaming technology, Soapopular foaming products provide more than 2.5x the applications over gel and liquid products. This in combination with our cost effective 4L refill jugs and large dispensers mitigate maintanence costs and provides patrons access to hygiene products over longer periods of time.

Just as healthcare regulations and demands increase, at Soapopular, innovation and progress keep our hygiene products concurrent to satisfy the needs of our users.