Soapopular® Touchless Foam Antibacterial Hand Soap Dispenser - Bulk Fill

1000mL Automatic Foam Dispenser

Product Code:  10222-W (White)

Product Code:  10222-S (Silver)

Product Code:  10222-B (Black)

Soapopular® Touchless Foam Dispenser improves and increases access to hand hygiene products by automatically dispensing Soapopular® Foam Antibacterial Hand Soap.

Providing 2,600 applications, the dispenser uses an infrared sensor to automatically apply a controlled amount of foam formula without having to touch the dispenser.


Dispenser Colour:

Dispenser Size:

Number of Applications:

Dispensing Type:

Dispense Formula:

Battery Requirements:



White, Silver, or Black





x4 Type C Batteries

2 lbs.

Hard Plastic

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic/Touchless
  • Foam Dispenser
  • 1000mL Capacity
  • 2,600 Applications
  • ADA Compliant
  • Hard Protective Case
  • Key-Lock Design
  • Improve access to Hand Hygiene
  • Two wall mounting options
  • Available in three colours

Overview & Description

Soapopular® Touchless Foam Dispenser offers improved flexibility and increased access to hand hygiene products within your facilities. Whether medical, educational, hospitality, warehousing, etc; our Touchless Foam Dispenser will meet your needs across many industries.

With multiple mounting options, Soapopular® Touchless Foam Dispenser can be placed on flat wall surfaces with either strong adhesive tape or with screws and anchors. Additionally, our dispenser is compatible with Soapopular® dispenser stands (sold separately) to expand placement possibilities where you need it most.

  • Automatic dispenser applies a controlled amount of Foam formula without having to touch the dispenser.
  • Applies a rich foaming formula that reduces discomfort and irritation compared to gel & liquid alternatives.
  • Adhesive Tape & Screw/Anchor wallmounting options for installation on most flat wall surfaces.
  • Can be used together with Soapopular® compatible dispenser stands to expand placement opportunities. 
  • ADA Compliant dispenser in both force and easy one-handed operation.
  • Protective cover and key-lock restricts access of the inner cartridge to personnel/staff only.

This Soapopular® Dispenser unit is intended for our Foam Antibacterial Hand Soap formula. Mounting & Refilling instructions are shown on this page under SDS & Resources drop down menu.

Technical Data


Product Code: 10222-W, 10222-S, 10222-B

Size: 1000mL / 33 0.z

Dimensions: 5.50in x 5.25in x 12.00in

Colour: Available in White, Silver, and Black

Dispense Formula: Foam

Applications: 2,600

SDS & Resources


Shipping Data

Weight: 2 lbs.

Units per Case: 1

Cases per Pallet: 288

Pallet Rows: 48

Box Dimensions: 5.50in x 5.25in x 12.25in



Mounting & Refilling instructions can be viewed from the SDS & Resouces drop down menu on this page.

Use Soapopular® Antibacterial Hand Soap 4L Refill jug (Code: 10004) to replenish empty dispenser cartridge. REMOVE the inner cartridge of the dispenser before refilling to reduce damage caused by accidental spills.

Auto Dispenser Different Colours

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