Soapopular Dispenser Stand - Black

Dispenser Stand – Black

Soapopular Inc. brings forward a Dispenser Stand capable of mounting our  Automatic Alcohol-free Sanitizer Dispensers. These stands offer more freedom when placing Dispensers within offices, kitchens, industrial spaces, medical rooms, and wherever hand hygiene is required.

  • 1.2m tall Dispenser Stand
  • Stainless Steel Metal Stand for durability
  • Also comes in a Polished Stainless Steel Colour
  • Perfect for high traffic area’s
  • Dip-tray included
  • Stand-only Model


In stock

Available in Stainless Steel

4L Refill Jug

Our 4L Soapopular Hand Sanitizer Jug can be used to refill both Automatic and Manual Dispensers. Find out more.

Dispenser Stand System

Our Dispenser Stand System comes with the stand, dispenser, and a backer-board all in one. Find out more.