Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer Spray

10ml Pen Spray

Soapopular’s Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer Spray is our perfected formula that kills harmful germs and bacteria while being gentle on the skin without dryness. Reduce the spread of germs and bacteria within your industry with a scientifically formulated Benzalkonium Chloride hand sanitizer. (0.15%)

  • Perfected alcohol-free hand sanitizer for school, office, health care, dental, and food industries where hand hygiene compliance is a necessity. 
  • Reliable efficacy that is harsh on harmful germs and bacteria yet gentle and soft on the skin.
  • Conforms to EN 1650, EN 1276, and EN 13727 and demonstrated efficacy against bacteria.
  • Promote your brand with customized cap labels through our Co-Branding program. (Available with 10ml and 100ml alcohol free sanitizers)
  • Non-drying formula allows multiple uses per day between hand washes without dryness of the skin. 

Health Canada DIN: 02270420

Product Code: 68110

Size: 10ml

Case Pack:  12 x 2 (24 total)

Product Weight: 1.50 lbs.

Dimensions: 10.25in x 8.25in x 8.50in

Active Ingredient: Benzalkonium Chloride (0.15%)


Spray sanitizer into the palm of your hands and rub thoroughly as needed until dry. No water or rinsing required.

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