4L Pump Accessory

Additional Pump for Refill Jugs

Soapopular’s 4L Pump Accessory allows direct dispensing use of our 4L refill jugs across all three product lines. Now customers can gain access to an industrial sized hand soap or hand sanitizer for high traffic sanitation stations.

  • Only fits Soapopular 4L Alcohol, Alcohol-free hand sanitizers, and Antibacterial Hand Soap products.
  • Turn 4L refill jugs into high application sanitizer station using our foaming pump accessory.
  • Easy to install and implement pump.
  • Pump action dispenses a rich lathering foam when pressed upon for a soft and smooth feeling after use.

Product Code: 4L-FM

Size: 4L Refill Jug

Case Pack:  500

Product Weight: 24.25 lbs.

Dimensions: 21.65in x 14.17in x 16.14in


Remove cap from 4L Refill Jug and screw pump on top of bottle. Twist top to place in open position and press to apply small foam into hands.

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