World's number 1 Alcohol-free hand Sanitizer...perfect for the home

World's number 1 Alcohol-free hand Sanitizer...perfect for the home

Soapopular® Alcohol Free vs. Alcohol Based

•Alcohol based sanitizers strip away the natural oils found in the skin. As a result of repeated use, the skin can become dry and cracked. The small  cracks then can trap germs leaving you susceptible to infection.
•Soapopular® hand sanitizer is not alcohol based and is not drying to the skin.
•Alcohol based sanitizers are flammable and a potential fire hazard in the presence of spark or flame.
•Alcohol based sanitizers evaporate quickly after being applied. When the alcohol evaporates so does the sanitizing effect.
• Soapopular®  hand sanitizer action is persistent, so its antiseptic powers keep working after it is applied.
•Alcohol based sanitizers can cause a burning sensation when applied and irritates small cuts in the skin.
•Soapopular® hand sanitizer is non-irritating and gentle to the skin.
•Alcohol based hand sanitizers have been known to cause serious alcohol poisoning in children.
•Soapopular®  hand sanitizer is alcohol free and safe for use on children and pets.
•Soapopular®  hand sanitizer is a non-sticky, fragrance free way to maintain optimum hand hygiene.

Soapopular® Foaming application allows for 3x the application uses versus alcohol based gels. 100ml of Soapopular® equals 250+ applications. 100ml of Alcohol-based gel equals less than 100 applications.